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About Orcs - The Log Of Captain Jaren Gaal (Part of The "A Call [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Log Of Captain Jaren Gaal (Part of The "A Call

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About Orcs [Nov. 30th, 2006|10:39 pm]
The Log Of Captain Jaren Gaal (Part of The "A Call


Well to understand the green-skin mindset, you kind of have to look
closely at Lemuria. It is a Huge Continent that has everything from
thick Jungles to vast desert, to Nasty Coastlines and rivers. Lemuria
is a place where the Strong survive. In addition to Giant Crocs,
Sharks, add the ferocious Worgs (Marsupial wolves believed to have
near human intelligence) and dozens of poisonous species and you will
have a good Idea as to how tough the Orcs have to be. For centuries,
the Orcs lived in primitive tribes which made war on one another,
eeking out a living by doing the few things they know how to do: Make
war, Hunt and Fuck.
When They were first encountered by the Elves and later Dwarves,
things went very badly very fast. The Elves and Dwarves considered the
Orcs to be nothing more than Brutish savages (Which they were) and
proceeded to treat them like shit, using them as grunt labor. The Orcs
eventualy got sick of this and fought back against the Two ancient
races, eventually scavenging the technology to create their own ships.
When Gaalim finally encountered them, they had built up a rather
decent fleet of ships used to ravage the Ethereal shipping lanes.
Oddly enough Gaalim persuaded the Orcs that perhaps raiding wasnt the
best way for the tribes to make money. With the help of a few Highly
intelligent Orc Chieftains, Gaalim managed to get the orcs to sign
"The Grudging Truce" with The Guild and eventually The Dwarves and
Elves. Ever since then the Orcs have slowly began evolving into a
decent civilization. Even then it wasnt until recently that the Orcs
Actually Joined the guild in any sizable number, and only until Rivka
that Females would actually find any kind of carreer other than Fuck toys.

Description: Male Orcs range from 5'9" to seven feet tall while
females are much smaller (4'5" to 6"). they resemble a cross between a
human and a warthog (Some Say Baboon) with all of the attitude. They
tend to prize things like Honesty, Courage and Brutality. Which makes
them very callouslly rude by most standards. their skin color tends to
be a dark to emerald green with deep brown eyes and tusks.
Along with the side difference between the
genders; Male Orcs often have four tusks on their lower Jaw, while
females have only two. While they do give the or considerable
advantages with Biting attacks, Orcs only do that either as a Last
resort, preferring to fight with Big Fucking Guns or Very sharp swords
and spears.
One of the More disturbing factors of the Orc Phisiology is their
"Death Grin" which usually only manifests when the Orc is getting
ready to kill someone in the most violent fashion they can. A good
rule of thumb is that when you see that face, Either Run like the wind
or get ready to kill that Orc Quickly. Noone really knows why orcs
smile like that when they get that angry or go into combat, Perhaps it
is an evolutionary trait or something given to them by their
gods...Not even the Orcs Know for sure.
Also, Given their Snouts and mouth structure, Orcs cant Kiss like Most
races do, they Lick or use other methods to show affection.

Culture: for the most part Orcish culture is loosely based on African
and Polynesian cultures. Groups are usually large tribes broken down
into smaller family groups. These tribes are usually Governed by a
Chieftain (Like Rivka's Father, Klarg) and His counsel of elders which
can include: The Head Witch Doctor, The chieftain's First Wife, Later
Wives if the First wife allows, various established warriors, and even
the Chieftain's Oldest Son/Daughter.

These Tribes usually establish Strong holds on Lemuria or any Lemurian
colonies in stead of villages, these gigantic structures allow the
orcs to defend their territory from invaders.

Gender Roles: Believe it or Not, Orc Males are very even handed and
sometimes even (somewhat) Chivalrous of their treatment of women...Orc
Females do stay home and raise their young, however there are examples
of Great Female orcish warriors and chieftains in Orc History. The
thing is they had to seriously earn the positions they got (Usually by
being meaner, angrier and tougher than the males) and it usually took
a few years before their contributions were recognized. but Usually
their wives were treated very well, and even allowed to be educated
(In order to teach the young). It was only recently that females were
actually given oppurtunities to have carreers outside of their
Citidels...but they usually return home when they start having children.

Rivalries/Hatreds and Enemies they respect: For the Most part Orcs
hate Elves and Dwarves for the past exploitation of their race. They
Tolerate Gnomes and in some ways feel bad for Kobolds. The Jury is
still out on Humans and that is usually based on the plane of their
origin, They have a long standing friendship with the Shipper's Guild,
They arent too happy with Camelot, and Atlantis rarely does business
with them. The Olympians are actually halfway decent people when Not
too snooty. But they respect the Fuck out of the amazons, and
suprisingly enough Orcs and Amazons work quite well together. Although
the amazonz are non to keen on the male Dominated Hierarchal structure
of the Orc Government.

Half-Orcs: Given the current rise of Orc-Human crossbreeds, Half Orcs
born within Lemuria are generally tolerated, and it is possible for a
Half Orc to get somewhere in Orcish society...But they start off no
better than the Females, it takes alot of hard-work, dedication and
the occassional gunshot wound to do it. However if the Human parent
has gained some measure of prestige within the orc community, the Half
Orc is embraced as one of their own.

Religion: Orcs in the World of ACTD worship Gruumsh the One eyed God.
He is their Chief deity but Other Gods are worshipped Like Ares, and
Even Morrigan (Among the females especially) but Gruumsh is usually
worshipped First.