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Nidvellir: Home of the Dwarves and their kin

Well, as Some of the fans of the webcomic Know, we are currently headed to Nidavellir. So I figured a brief overview of this land is due.

Nidavellir: Is the Home of the dwarves and is part of the group of worlds allied with the Asgardian Theocracy. This world is a Mountainous area where technoology and magic are harnessed by the three main races: Dwarves, Gnomes and Kobolds which exist in a semi-Rigid caste System.

Dwarves: Are primarily Engineers and Weapon smiths of great skill. Dwarven Items tend to be crafted alot better than Human items and intemded to be sturdy, functional and meant to be used for long periods of time. However, Dwarves do Not like to share their work with the other races and tend to charge exhorbitant rates for their services, But usually the Stuff is worth it. They stand roughly anywhere between 4-5 feet in Hieght with broad Shoulders, and Muscular hairy bodies. the Dwarves take great pride in their beards often braiding it and placing some jewels, gold or silver in the braids. Contrary to popular belief Dwarven females DON'T have beards, but They are extremely hairy other wise. (If you are going to have sex with a dwarf make sure you have a water pic handy.) Dwarves are extremely loyal to their friends and family, but this loyalty is hard to earn. A few thousand years have kind of made Dwarves wary of Elves, Orcs, Trolls due to intence interracial warfare. They Dislike Elves but respect them to some degree, they HATE orcs and would kill them if they had a chance; And trolls are seen as competitors since Trolls are also great at building things.
Dwarves tend to live anywhere between 400-500 years.

Gnomes: Are the "Artists" of Nidavellir. They are slightly smaller than dwarves (Standing 3-4' tall) alot less hairy but they tend to have wrinkled faces and a slighlty reddish coloration which makes them look like they went on an all night bender, along with pointed ears. Gnomes tend to focus more on craft items and (Like the dwarves) they take great pride in their work. They also tend to be good merchants often being gifted in the fine art of Haggling.
It should be noted that both Gnomes and Dwarves tend to be greedy bastards, but Gnomes would sell their own grandmother if it would bring them a profit. Gnomes tend to live anywhere between 200-350 years.

Kobolds: Also Known as the "cursed race". Kobolds are a Mutant subrace of the gnomes, standing 3-4' in hieght pointed ears and blue skin. Kobolds are usually bred from other Kobolds but many times they are born to a Gnome family giving them great Shame. Gnome born Kobolds (If they survive their first birthday) are usually sold off quickly (Often at a great discount) or banished from the family once they reach a viable age (like 10 or so). Almost all kobolds are Slaves in Nidavellir and most of them work deep in the mines getting Gold, Silver and gems for their Gnome and Dwarf Cousins, and are considered to be the backbone of the Dwarven economy. This life of endless toil usually cuts down a kobolds lifespan down to 50 maybe 60 years at best, while kobolds outside of Nidavellir tend to live as long as 120-130.

Nidavellir Castes:
There are three major castes of the Nidavellir society:
Jarls: These are generally the rulers and Kings. usually composed of Dwarves and Gnomes
Bondi: the "Freemen" or the average working Schmuck, again Mostly Dwarves and Gnomes
Thralls: Slaves, usually criminals and prisoners of war. Thralls can comprise  of any race but all kobolds are thralls.

More on Nidavellir as time goes on.
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About Orcs

Well to understand the green-skin mindset, you kind of have to look
closely at Lemuria. It is a Huge Continent that has everything from
thick Jungles to vast desert, to Nasty Coastlines and rivers. Lemuria
is a place where the Strong survive. In addition to Giant Crocs,
Sharks, add the ferocious Worgs (Marsupial wolves believed to have
near human intelligence) and dozens of poisonous species and you will
have a good Idea as to how tough the Orcs have to be. For centuries,
the Orcs lived in primitive tribes which made war on one another,
eeking out a living by doing the few things they know how to do: Make
war, Hunt and Fuck.
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The Isle of the Amazons

You know, Contrary to Popular opinions, The Amazons really don't have their own nation. Yes they have a queen, but In reality She serves as a Kind of Priestess/Administrator/Drill Seargent from Hell. According to Kalisti and My Mother, The Amazons are usually recruited from Abusive Marriages, Poor Villages, Prostitutes and other social Misfits. They are then taken to a Secret training facility where they are taught the arts of warfare handed down to them from Artemis, Athena and Ares Himself.
The Unfortunate part is that Out of say 200 applicants, at the Most Five actually move on to be Amazon warriors, the rest remain on the Island as servants. Men are usually Not allowed on the Island except for breeding purposes. Those selected for breeding are kept in a seperate camp under heavy guard. Male Infants are usually sent to the Men while the female infants are brought into the Sister hood for training.

The Sister-Hood:
The Sister-hood (Like the Shippers guild) are the top recruits who are selected to serve as Paladins of the Gods. Each Branch of the SIster Hood Hold to the main Deities Supporting the Amazons: Hera, Athena, Artemis, Ares. The Sisters are trained to Know theology and eventually gain the ability to cast Divine Spells. The "Queen" Is usually selected from the Top eschelon of the Sisterhood. (Kallisti will eventually attempt to get into the Sister-hood once she completes her term of service with My crew.)

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Well I finally decided to start keeping a Journal of some of the wierd Shit that's been going down.
I guess I should Start with Me and the Crew.
Me: I am Human, And I come from a family of Shippers all the way to my ancestor "Gaalim". I grew up first on My father's ship and later the Island of Volcanna. Ever Since I was younger I wanted to follow in My father's footsteps and become a shipper. However, My Dad wanted Me to go into something Else. I finally managed to defy him, Joined the Shippers and got took in by My Mentor "Black Alice" A Dark Elf (Or Svartze) who served under My dad.
After Six years of Drudgery and being Abandoned in the Underworld I finally Scrimped and saved enough to get my own ship which I named after Black Alice. "The Heartless Bitch". It is at this point My story starts in that webcomic.
Let's See, I also have a crew of women. Why Women you ask? the answer is simple; I have enough Problems without adding another Male Ego to the equation. The Point of Having this crew is to help run and power my Ship via the Tantric Drive engine. If you read the comic, Rivka already explained how the whole shit works so I am not going to be bothered.

Rivka White-Mane: A Female Orc who is Smart, Pretty (For an Orc) and built with one of the biggest Racks I have ever seen. She's My first mate, and thanks to a Bit of gun-play on my part, My wife. Rivka believes that I only picked her for her ample set of tits, truth is, an Orc who takes the time to study space-ship engineering and advanced quantum theory is going to be quite dedicated. Just dont tell her I said that, other wise she'll get all weepy.

Vim GrungnirsDotter: A Kobold Slave: Okay Lemme explain a couple of things. Kobolds are a mutation of the Gnome race who are born with Blue Skin. Kobolds born to Gnomes are always put into slavery. Noone really knows why except that the Gnomes and Dwarves of Asgard do not consider Kobolds to be completely sentient. I obtained Vim from a Wizard named Solen Jith and have kept her around since.

Kallisti Arephideos: Amazon Warrior who was added to my crew by a request from the Olympian Gods. Amazons are Human females who are trained in a hidden Island in the arts of warfare and often serve as Guards and Soldiers. Amazons range from 5'7" to 6'10" tall with a deep golden skin. They are diciplined and HIghly trained warriors with a bit of a femenist streak. However (As Kallisti points out) they dont hate men so much as Consider themselves to be "Better" than them. that being said, Kallisti is one of the more loyal members of My crew who prefers to refer to me as Captain, even when we are alone. She also has a Nice rack and a tight body.

Ragmorshaga: Troll Shamaness. Acquired at the Request of Hecate. Trolls for the most part are Creatures of the underworld, they are greenskinned humanoids ranging from 7 to 9' tall. Being a Shaman, She is a spell caster and a Kind of Priestess of the Goddess Hecate. One of her peculiarities is that She is a straight woman and while She enjoys screwing Me, she makes it clear she is not interested in the other members of the crew.
She and Kallisti Have a Kind of wierd feud going on which I am doing my best to curb.

Jerah: Doppelganger Spy/Servant. I never really learned why but She stayed with My Father for years, even after He retired from Shipping, As his maid and my nanny. Granted I Use the word "She" Loosely since Doppelgangrs are Hermaphrodite Shape Changers. After My father Died, I took her into My crew. Jerah is the newest member of My crew.

Babh Magenta: Elf-Wizardess, This was the third member of My crew, but She betrayed me to go serve Black Alice. When She Left She took one of the stones I was searching for and nearly Killed Ragmorshaga so that She could escape while I took the Shaman to the Waters of Suliss to heal. Yes I am very bitter about it.